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September 10, 2013 14:09
Beware of these beauty hazards},{Beware of these beauty hazards

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Certain beauty habits that apparently seem harmless can pose as actual health hazards. Wonder how? Well, we are not talking about bigger crimes like sleeping with your contacts or make-up on or  pulling split ends but simple, everyday habits that can botch up both your health and beauty in a big, big way. Read on to know more.

Sin # 1: For most women, especially working women, applying makeup is an everyday thing. And that might include an extensive array of make up products like powders and primers and lotions and applicators and more. Now the big question is, how often do you clean your make up brushes after use? The answer is, rarely. But then, we don't blame you. From the look of it, it's hard to ascertain if a brush is dirty or not. But know that, with each use, your brushes might build up bacteria that can leave you with ugly acne and rashes. Cue, rinse your rushed with a hit, soapy solution once in a couple of weeks.

Sin # 2: While it's normal among girls to share everything, right from their lip balms to combs, know that doing so will get you your share of free germs as well. Avoid using other people's make up. Also, stay away from trying testers at stores since they are the biggest carriers of bacteria like the E.coli.

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