Celebrate pregnancy with good food!Women Health

March 15, 2016 09:22
Celebrate pregnancy with good food!

Now that it is confirmed that you are pregnant, it is time to focus on your food. Eating may come as the last thing in your mind during the first  trimester of your pregnancy due to fatigue, nausea, food aversions and so on. But the fact is, eating right is a best way to avoid nausia and vomiting. So give a right start to your journey of pregnancy and celebrate it with good food!

Small regular meals and loads of fluids are useful in fighting the nausea during the first trimester.

This is a good time to begin healthy eating habits, if you feel you are lacking.

Healthy eating habits will help you ensure that you take in all essential nutrients you require for you as well as your baby.

At that time when you feel good and when your stomach feels settled, take in  nutritious food.

Follow a well balanced diet chart.

Obvious food to be included in your diet chart include fresh fruits and vegetables.

Include rice, rotis, whole grain bread, boiled potatoes, and pasta.

Pick foods rich in protein like chicken lean meat, pulses, eggs, soya and so on.

Dairy products are must. Add milk, cheese, curd, yogurt to your diet plan.

Plan your diet chart well to incule best foods. Use the pregnancy period as the best time to offer good nutrients to your body along with your baby.


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