Heatwave in US & UK Is Making Women Insert Ice Lollies into Their Vaginas Which Is Quite RiskyWomen Health

July 25, 2019 10:10
Heatwave in US & UK Is Making Women Insert Ice Lollies into Their Vaginas Which Is Quite Risky

As heatwave is scorching the United States and the United Kingdom, people residing there are coming up with various ways to beat high temperature. But, what women bringing off to deal with it is in all ways bizarre and risky.

After parsley, garlic, aubergine bath bombs, and vacuum cleaners, women are found to be now inserting ice lollies into their vagina. Reddit has people talking about insanely pushing popsicles in the vagina. Using ice for deriving pleasure during a BDSM session is not unusual but pushing sugar and artificial colour-laden popsicles into the vagina is an absolute no!  

With the Netherlands setting an all-time temperature record, the temperatures across France, England, Belgium, and Germany are expected to rise with people going out of mind.

Why Is It Not Safe to Put Ice-Lollies into Vagina?   

Ice lollies contain artificial colors and sugar that are definitely not meant to put inside vagina. By doing so, it could lead to frostbites or numbness of the vagina. Moreover, ice lollies very probably may tamper with the pH levels of the vagina as well as lead to yeast infections.

The water used to make the popsicles could be an abode to germs, which have a tendency to live in cold temperature and therefore can get into your vaginal system. And most importantly, there are chances you meet with a mischance if the ice breaks or melts and you end up hurting your vaginal lining.

Not long ago, a weird trend of inserting parsley up in vaginas to induce periods was going viral that the doctors warned against it. Many have also tried sticking garlic up their vaginas to get rid of yeast infections.

By Sowmya Sangam

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