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March 17, 2016 10:56
Checklist before leaving for honeymoon

It is said that “The honeymoon may only last a few days, but the Honeymoon love can last forever”. But before leaving for your honeymoon, make sure you have planned well so that, after reaching the destination, the only thing you do is relax and spend time with your spouse. Here are some points to be noted to plan your honeymoon better.

Involve your partner too
As, this is the time that you can start to dream of all the places that you’d like to honeymoon at, but more importantly, discuss with your spouse in detail about the place you would like to visit and your budget as well. Once those two aspects are narrowed down, you can choose your destination and start the early stages of planning.

Ask someone
Friends and family will definitely be a useful resource to know about the destinations that you’ve never visited but they have, and also Internet can be of use. Consult a travel agent if necessary. Also, consult with your travel agent about current promotions and deals. The sooner that you book and confirm your travel assignments the better. Also know your baggage allowances so there are no surprises later.

Plan the accommodation as well
Research hotels and room availability, and book your room before you start your journey. Reserve a rental car, if needed. Keep your travel documents like license, passport, tickets, rental car confirmation and directions to your destination in a safe place like your carry-on bag.

Credit cards or travelers checks
Though you carry cash, do not forget to carry your credit/ debit cards which may be useful at times. You'll also need to pack your vitamins, birth controllers or condoms and other medications such as aspirin or pain relievers, antacids, sinus pills. Pack makeup, cosmetics and other health and beauty aids.

Pack for the climate you are visiting
Check the weather forecasts of the place you are visiting. For a summer honeymoon, pack bathing suits, sandals, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, shorts, t-shirts. If it is a winter honeymoon, pack sweaters, jackets, gloves, socks, boots and earmuffs. Pack comfortable walking shoes if you plan to do any sightseeing on your honeymoon.

Let your memories be captured
Carry a good camera to capture the moments you live with your spouse at honeymoon, so that whenever you look at the pictures, you can relive the moments in your memory. If you are carrying a mobile, laptop/ Ipad, make sure you carry their chargers as well. Pack everything you wanted to carry in a sturdy, secure and durable luggage.

- Sumana

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