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August 19, 2019 11:52
Hold Your Nose! Half of Americans Don't Change Underwear Every Day: Survey

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The famous underwear maker Tommy John recently revealed disturbing statistics about Americans use of undergarment. The survey says that half of Americans don’t change their underwear every day.

It found that 45 percent wore the same pair of underwear for two days or longer - with 13 percent saying they had worn the same pair for a week or more.

"Conventional wisdom - and basic common sense - tells us that we should change our underwear every day, or at least wash them after every wear," Tommy John said on its website.

"But how many people actually follow this golden rule? After surveying 1,000 Americans, we found that this basic standard of underwear hygiene is definitely not universal."

According to the survey, men are the ones who refrain from changing their underwear every day. Men are 2.5 times as liable as women to wear their undergarment for a week or more - that's 20 percent of men versus 8 percent of women.

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The survey by Tommy Johnson also found that 46 percent of surveyed owned the same pair of underwear one year - and that’s being faithful to underwear mean!

‘Women Should Be Extra Careful’  

That being so, the company has urged to replace underwear often owing to "problematic microorganisms and fungal germs".

"It's crucial to update your underwear wardrobe every six months to a year to ensure you're protected from harmful infections and health risks," Tommy John said.

"Women should be especially careful, as they're more at risk than men to experience health issues due to unclean underwear."

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Side Effects That Lingers If You Don’t Change Your Underwear Every Day:      

1. Bad odor

2. Sweating down there

3. Building up stains

4. Increase in secretion

5. Yeast infections

6. Acne problems

7. Skin problems

By Sowmya Sangam

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